Create Conscious Love & Align With Your Soul!

We want to help you connect with the sacred union by becoming conscious about the life you are living. You will get really honest, find your truth, and will get in touch with your power. This will be the process which will take a situation in your life that is troublesome, boring or painful and create amazing, life-changing opportunties. We know because we have been through it!

Is it time for your spiritual makeover?

About Petra

Turn a struggling relationship into a spiritual one. Find new meaning and greater purpose in your life through your current relationship, which may feel so painful.

Petra is passionate about guiding women from a place of misery and blame in a marriage to a spiritually awake place – where a new perspective can shift the love level. Allowing love to happen again with authentic understanding of soul and self has an enormous effect on the self, the marriage, the children and more over the community that you are a part of.

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About Gary

Life, work and relationships all seem to be a struggle at times. You might be thinking, there must be more meaning to all of this!

Gary is driven to help men get really real with themselves. Pushing through and seeing addictive behaviours, so that these men can live as dignified as they authentically are. Gary wants to build a community of spiritual men who want to be good, caring, truth seeking family men; who in turn announce the truth so that there can be mega change in this world socially, politically, environmentally and economically.

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